X NIHILO - short for ex nihilo -

is a Latin phrase that MEANS

CREATION out of nothing”

Jenny is the Founder, Director, and Designer of X NIHILO. She made her fashion debut by winning the QDOS award PRESENTED by the Design Institute of AUSTRALIA while she was studying a Bachelor of Fashion at QUT University. Jenny then went on to earn a MASTERS Degree in Fashion from RMIT University. 

For a number of YEARS before launching X NIHILO, Jenny broadened her credentials with a dynamic FASHION career from COUTURE, ready to wear and leisure to accessories and footwear. As the DIRECTOR of the brand, JENNY brings with her a significant professional network as well as creative EXPERTISE and insight into the fashion industry.


Established in 2016, X NIHILO is the brainchild of Jenny Hsieh, an entrepreneur with a passion for refined luxury. X NIHILO - short for ex nihilo - is a Latin phrase that means “creation out of nothing”. The notion identifies X NIHILO’S aesthetics and vision to craft a sophisticated and honest range of leather bags for the modern women.

Targeting women with a strong identity from a generation with the desire to express individuality, X NIHILO consciously distances itself from conspicuous branding. Blending reserved aesthetics with function & timelessness, our bags are inspired by, and designed for women of individuality and substance.

Retaining a consistent and unique signature, X NIHILO evokes the idea of strength, beauty, and independence through the exquisite material and astounding craftsmanship. Embracing the slow fashion movement, X NIHILO‘S concept of luxury is embedded in its meticulously curated material, well-considered design, and the highest level of dedication and attention to detail in construction.