ADOUR AND KIN believe in complete transparency. You will never find us hiding behind proprietary blends or ingredients with names impossible to pronounce. WE use only ingredients made from REAL foods - traceable to the field and SUSTAINABLY sourced from the most worlds most respected cosmeceutical companies. We tell you who MADE each ingredient (and where), the exact ORIGIN of raw material, and therapeutic dose included in each serve. For anything you put in or on your BODY we believe that this should SIMPLY be normal industry practice.


ADOUR AND KIN believe SUSTAINABLE business practices should be a given; and we choose to WORK only with partners that share this sentiment. INTERESTINGLY, many of the ingredients used in our formulations are food industry BY-PRODUCTS, minimising our environmental footprint.


We AVOID the use of plastic (except on the inside of our lids, as required by law) and our amber glass jars are fully RECYCLABLE, although we believe they are more suited to repurposing. The label and carton are constructed from fully recyclable uncoated COTTON paper from Italy, and orders are packed and delivered in recycled PAPER boxes MADE IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA