"The name BLACK BLAZE is inspired by the Australian-native wildflower, the banksia. In the warmer months, Australia experiences back-burning and bushfires. After a fire, something grows from the black blaze left behind. The BANKSIA As fire engulfs the wildflower, banksia seeds shoot out into the settling ash. This ash acts as a source of food and NOURISHES a new banksia to grow in its wake. This STORY resonates with our story. As we felt like those seeds when moving to Australia four YEARS ago."


BLACK BLAZE is a guided exploration. Traversing locations and moments, each scent illuminates a room and is reminiscent of a place. Candles, sprays, diffusers and oils created with meticulous attention to detail, with locally SOURCED materials and places in mind. 

BLACK BLAZE was established in 2016 and our headquarters are in SYDNEY. 

Our objective has always been to encourage EXPLORATION of scent. Using raw, Australian-inspired ingredients. We travel, investigate and bottle the smell of our favourite places around Australia.